In the aspect of amount of colocation services Linxdatacenter has made the Top 5 of the largest DC operators in Russia. The business growth is due to deployment of the first hyperconvergent cloud in Russia, creation of the international expertise center LinxLab, implementation of the Fast Cross Cable project, upgrade of the pricing system and simplification of customer support processes.
Linxdatacenter has become the winner of the prestigious Russian Data Center Awards 2017 in the category «Best Cloud Solution for DC».
Linxdatacenter Moscow reports about the deployment of HyperCloud — the first hyperconvergent cloud solution for medium-sized and large business in Russia based on the Cisco HyperFlex platform
Linxdatacenter reports on personal accreditation of its DC managers by Uptime Institute, the leading world DC certification center. The managers of both Russian datacenters now have the title Accredited Operations Specialist (AOS): there are only 66 specialists carrying this certification in the world.
Linxdatacenter, known as an international expert in the field of high-tech data storage and processing solutions, cloud services and telecommunications, has become the only company that got two prizes of «DC.RF» National Award. IT market experts have acknowledged that Linxdatacenter is the best in creativity and effective datacenter operation.
Telecommunications Holding BV (‘Linx’) has sold its telecom activities and will focus on expanding its Russian and Polish datacenter and cloud business.