Linxdatacenter’s Moscow DC is the Datacenter of the Year: the results of «DC.RF» Russian National Award

Linxdatacenter, known as an international expert in the field of high-tech data storage and processing solutions, cloud services and telecommunications, has become the only company that got two prizes of «DC.RF» National Award. IT market experts have acknowledged that Linxdatacenter is the best in creativity and effective datacenter operation.

  • When: 17 February 2017

The purpose of «DC.RF» Russian National Award is to identify the best datacenter market practices and to praise the professionals, whose work and projects promote the entire industry. The award has six prizes: «Man of the Year», «DCLady», «Creativity of the Year», «Golden Pen of the Year», «Voice of the Year», «Datacenter of the Year».

One of Linxdatacenter’s solutions nominated to the award was the «Navigation in DC» project which is an elegant and effective way to reach two objectives at a time: to create a recognizable visual image of the datacenter and to provide the most comfortable way to orientate in the large modular building of DC. The second one was Linxdatacenter’s DC located in Moscow, and to get acknowledged as the most reliable and trouble-free one it had to compete with seven other datacenters.

Winners selection process was held in two rounds: an open poll, which was attended by more than 1,200 IT industry professionals, and a closed expert voting. Excellent customer feedback and confirmed troubleproof year-round operation, as well as the idea and implementation of the creative project, brought Linxdatacenter the highest grades in both rounds.

«We’ve been expecting success but did not forget that we were to compete with the best ones. This confirmation is another important step in promoting our team, without hard work of these people there would be no new achievements. We will actively continue to invest in the development of employees, because they are the main resource of any company, whether it is a high-tech business or not. The award is the impetus for us to work with double power, and a confirmation of the effectiveness of the chosen course,» says Anna Ponomareva, Marketing Director Linxdatacenter.

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