Linxdatacenter deploys HyperCloud — the first hyperconvergent cloud solution in Russia based on Cisco HyperFlex

Linxdatacenter Moscow reports about the deployment of HyperCloud — the first hyperconvergent cloud solution for medium-sized and large business in Russia based on the Cisco HyperFlex platform

  • When: 12 July 2017

HyperCloud allows to create public, hybrid and private clouds, and connect them with each other and the already existing IT infrastructure via dedicated circuits and internet. As the hardware part of the HyperCloud solution is presented in ready standard units by one manufacturer, considerably less time is required for deployment of a cloud system and its eventual upgrade. Hypeconvergent systems (HCI) Cisco HyperFlex unite calculating, network and storage capacities in a fully integrated engineering platform created for independent scaling of resources and steadily high productivity. This architecture allows to optimize the labor efficiency considerably: one system administrator is sufficient now to manage server resources and data storages instead of an entire team of IT specialists.

The HyperCloud service is deployed on the basis of hybrid and all-flash systems Cisco HyperFlex. Internal research has demonstrated that this configuration is more productive and stable than similar HCI solutions. The tests have imitated a 140 virtual machines’ workload in order to manage the cluster lag in respect of the IOPS value for four hyperconvergent solutions of various suppliers. Cisco HyperFlex has demonstrated nearly eight-times superiority in the aspect of input/output operations per second with average reaction time 2.46 ms.

«Introduction of HyperCloud is a logical development of our cooperation with Cisco. We have obtained the Cisco Powered© certificate in 2016 and confirmed the readiness of Linxdatacenter’s infrastructure for providing cloud solutions with the highest level of customer service. While developing the new solution we were focusing on the today needs of business, thus use of HyperCloud allows to „close“ simultaneously several of these issues; lower total cost of equipment support, reduce IT systems’ deployment and use costs, decrease the cost of upgrades and protect earlier investments, as HyperCloud is perfectly suitable not only for deployment of new systems but also for integration into the already existing IT architecture,» comments Andrey Zakharov, Products and Innovations Director Linxdatacenter Russia.

«The HyperCloud solution is an example of productive cooperation between a leading world vendor of IT infrastructures and a leading European cloud provider. Its use opens for the Linxdatacenter customers new opportunities for scaling and optimization of IT solutions, facilitating business development and accelerating implementation of new platforms. We are glad that this innovative cloud solution has become available to Russian customers,» speaks Dmitry Khoroshikh, the leading new technologies promotion manager Cisco.

The HyperCloud service is based on Cisco HyperFlex, a hyperconvergent platform combining automatization of servers and networks, as well as distributed disk storage. It supports a wide range of applications and workloads for DC, administration of the platform is fully automated. Its basis is the standard validated Cisco design which includes not only virtualization platform but also data backup copying solutions. Such approach allows to reduce the aggregate cost of the system ownership considerably and make the end service more interesting to the customer in all respects.

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