Managers of Linxdatacenter are certified by Uptime Institute as Accredited Operations Specialists (AOS)

Linxdatacenter reports on personal accreditation of its DC managers by Uptime Institute, the leading world DC certification center. The managers of both Russian datacenters now have the title Accredited Operations Specialist (AOS): there are only 66 specialists carrying this certification in the world.

  • When: 28 June 2017

Andrey Perekrest and Taras Chirkov, the managers of the Moscow and St. Petersburg datacenters respectively, have successfully completed the training for Accredited Operations Specialists (AOS) by Uptime Institute. This program has been specifically developed for the managers of business-critical objects: the creators of the training course note that acquired knowledge allows to successfully apply Tier Standards in operational management of the infrastructure complex and personnel. This certification is one of the most respected and universally acknowledged external confirmations of competence and high professional level of an IT specialist.

With the latest accreditation in Russia, five DC managers have obtained the AOS certificates. Four of them manage datacenters in Moscow, and Taras Chirkov, the DC manager of Linxdatacenter St. Petersburg, has become the only Accredited Operations Specialist certified by Uptime Institute in the North-West Federal District.

«Over 60% of all problems and downtimes of datacenters are related to the so called „human factor“. As an international company and of the leaders of the Russian DC market we consider constant increases of datacenter reliability our priority. This vector of business development is reflected in constant development of the team and investment into human resources. Accreditation of the managers of our Russian datacenters is an excellent indicator for our customers confirming their correct choice in selecting us as a partner for data storage and cloud services. Our customers can be certain that their IT infrastructure is handled by world level professionals, and focus on achieving their business goals,» comments Mikhail Vetrov, General Director Linxdatacenter Russia.

Uptime Institute is a world-known datacenter certification center whose expert conclusions are most valued on the international IT market. The Institute has developed multiple innovative mechanics for evaluation of business processes and specialists’ qualification, many of which have eventually become the field standards. According to the information on the official website of Uptime Institute only five DC managers have successfully passed the Accredited Operations Specialist training course in Russia in 2017. Two of these managers work at Linxdatacenter.

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